Why buy into DVC?

In my previous post, I touched on how much research went into our decision to buy into the timeshare industry. Yes, Vadim, my husband had one, but it was a quick sell for him while he was in Las Vegas years ago. He never used it and it just sat there. So learning the system was totally new for us.

We didn’t really know about any timeshare in detail but DVC (Disney Vacation Club) was looking really appealing. Their draw with the villa style rooms with kitchenettes or full kitchens, deluxe resorts, free transportation all throughout Disney, and the list went on. We kept crunching numbers on buying direct vs resale. We then started doing more research on the benefits of buying direct. There aren’t a ton and we determined it wouldn’t be worth it for our family.

So, we decided to buy resale. Now what? Well, there are few things you had to do first.

1. Decide where you would want to stay.

2. Which parks or area do you want to be near.

3. What size room will you be getting normally?

Once we came up with these answers, we were ready to make an offer on something. We decided that being able to walk to 1-2 parks would be ideal, then we would want to usually have a 1 bedroom. We narrowed it down to Disney’s Boardwalk resort. The purchase price, the points required to stay for a week, and the proximity to Hollywood Studios and Epcot, it was great! Plus, we got to use the back entrance to Epcot! Whoop whoop! No more long entrance lines!

We found a great contract, made an offer and off we went…

More posts to come regarding in depth details about each resort we have stayed at using DVC.

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