Why should you consider Hilton Grand Vacations?

If you’re considering timeshares, Hilton should DEFINITELY be on your list. There is so much to like about their system. They have a lot of resorts in highly desirable locations, their system is one of the most flexible and it is one of the more affordable options on the resale market while being very luxurious!

With this program, the week that you own will have a specific unit size, season and point value. You have a 12 month window to book your own week at your own resort with no extra booking fees. At 9 months mark from your CHECK OUT date, (usually it’s your check in date in other systems) your week converts to points that you can use to stay at any other Hilton Grand Vacation resorts per availability for a booking fee.

When we’re talking about point charts and systems, Hilton probably has the easiest to follow. Other timeshares have different point charts for different resorts. Hilton’s is 1 point chart for MOST of the resorts. So there’s less to look up or remember all the time.

A tip for using your points wisely in Hilton would be that if you have a unit/week with 8,400 points which would get you a 3 bedroom in most resorts. Let’s say you don’t need that big of accommodation, you could scale down to a studio for example and stay 4 weeks instead of 1. For the same cost! Also, if your travel time is flexible, and you can travel during non peek seasons, you can stretch your points a lot longer! For example, we have been eyeing Mexico during Thanksgiving/beginning of December. It’s considered “silver season”. So, our 8,400 points would last at least 2 weeks in a 2 bedroom or 3 weeks in a 1 bedroom. Again, for the same cost in maintenance dues that you paid for 1 week.

Let’s talk locations!! Hilton has some of the BEST locations and resorts in Hawaii by far! Amazing resorts in California, Colorado, Utah, Myrtle Beach, SC, Hilton Head Island and of course Orlando. They do have other resorts on the west coast of Florida which are harder to get but it’s not impossible. They also have exposure to Europe, Mexico, Caribbean and a ton in Japan!

Another thing to keep in mind when exploring vacations in Hiltons system, is they have something called “Open Season”. This will give you exposure to expiring inventory at all resorts within 60 days, which you pay for in cash at a significantly discounted rate.

RCI is another option which gives you ability to stretch your points as well as make them have a longer shelf life. Instead of just booking through Hilton Grand Vacations, you have a HUGE exchange network through RCI. In the Hilton system, your points are given to you every year and you can choose to save unused points for a fee OR you can make reservations through RCI in other available resorts that are not Hilton. When depositing points into RCI, they will last for 2 years! When using RCI, there is a small increase to the booking cost. RCI also offers a trip protection for a small fee. They also have a “Last Call” where you can get awesome vacations for a highly discounted rate.

Hilton Grand Vacations has a lot of options when it comes to their resorts. They have high rises and more spread out resorts, so there’s something for everyone. It’s a good idea to just research their website, watch travel videos (mine included) and get different opinions.

If you have any questions about Hilton Grand Vacations, please comment below, email and follow us on social media and youtube. We will be posting all kinds of travel content for you!

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