Why Should You Stay at Marriott’s Harbour Lake?

Why should you stay at Marriott’s Harbour Lake in Orlando, Florida? Well, we stayed here for a week and there was a lot we liked and some we didn’t.

Marriott’s Harbour Lake was the 3rd resort we were staying at during our post covid vacation. When we arrived, we were blown away by the beautiful buildings, decor and overall feel of the resort. It’s like you’re stepping into a quaint little Key West village without crossing the almost 7 mile bridge into Key West!

Checking into our room was pretty seamless and easy. I did a walk through of the room which will be up on my YouTube channel soon. The newly remodeled 2 bedroom villa was spacious and beautiful! The carpet was brand new and even had the new carpet smell still! Our patio was screened in and over looked the Florida Falls pool area. We had a master with a king size bed and a 2nd bedroom with 2 queen size beds. Our girls were extra excited about that! The kitchen had everything we needed to prepare meals and the front desk gave us grilling utensils when we needed them. The grills were right next to our building, making grilling very easy and convenient!

We stayed in building 28 on the 6th floor. I would absolutely recommend that building as I felt it was very centrally located. That being said, the resort does not have a huge foot print so it’s not a long walk to anywhere you want to be from any of the buildings.

Coming from 2 other resorts that had pretty strict covid prevention procedures to here, the management just wasn’t as stringent as other resorts. Pool chairs and loungers were not being sanitized throughout the day and no one was encouraging mask wearing. All in all, we felt safe though. We however did not venture to many of the outdoor games as there were a lot of people during the week of our stay. Not only was it spring break but it was Florida’s spring break as well.

We did venture over to play some mini golf and I’m glad we did! They have a 18 hole course and it’s a lot of fun! Very challenging too! It took the 4 of us an hour and a half to complete all 18 holes…well, 17 really. We skipped one because it was just to challenging. LOL

There was so much to do at this resort!

  1. Basketball
  2. Foosball
  3. Ping pong
  4. Mini golf
  5. Playground
  6. Soccer field
  7. Nature trail
  8. Fishing
  9. Yoga
  10. Water slide
  11. Pirate Ship pool deck
  12. and more!

The main gripe we had was that with so much land this resort has, they didn’t make the pools bigger. You could really feel how small they were in the middle of the day when everyone was out. In the mornings and evenings, it was fine though!

Overall, this resort had many more positives than negatives and we would consider coming back here!

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