Why Visit HGV Downtown Chicago?

Have you been wondering about Hilton Grand Vacation in Downtown Chicago with your family? We recently visited and let me tell you what we loved about it!

  1. LOCATION!!!! Wow!
  2. Rooms – Spacious! It has everything you need for your stay. Small fridge, microwave, sink, small counter, large dining table which seats 4, everything to have some quick breakfasts or lunches or just grab some takeout!
  3. Storage! There are 2 large closets, one being a walk in! Tons of drawers and there’s even storage in the kitchenette!
  4. Pool and activity center with a view of the city! The pool sits on the 5th floor giving you a great view of the city and the hustle and bustle below. There are quite a few activities/table games throughout the area which will keep anyone busy.
  5. Gym! If you like working out on your vacation, you should definitely check out their gym! They have everything there that you would need for a workout. They even have a couple Pelotons you can use!

When you visit a resort like this, location is truly everything! Dining, shopping, theaters, parks, lakefront beach and navy pier is all within walking distance! We never used our car! As far as parking goes…check out spothero! We used their app and it saved us a ton of $$! We were able to park across the street from the resort and while we couldn’t use our car, we didn’t need to! We left it in a parking garage and came back when we were ready to leave the city.

Downside? We were told a lot about the area being unsafe since Covid and the riots, and the resort being a few blocks from the childrens hospital. We talked to some friends who are local to the area and they all said that the city isn’t any different than it was before. We were a little nervous to go since we travelled with our 3 kids. When we arrived, it all seemed normal. The same as it always was. I went shopping with my 2 older girls while the baby stayed in the room with hubby and napped. I felt as safe as I would in any city. Able to grab an uber if I needed but I didn’t. We managed very well and if I was planning a last minute trip back, I wouldn’t hesitate! As far as the sirens from the hospital, we didn’t hear anything while in our room.

If you’re in the market for Legos or American Girl Dolls, the water tower shopping mall is within a 10-15 minute walk and you can easily fill up a couple hours there! We had a lot of fun!

So, in conclusion, if you’re thinking about using your timeshare for a quick city getaway, check out HGV Downtown Chicago! You won’t regret it! Let me know below what you think of the resort! We would love to hear from you!

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