Disney on downlow

People say to me all the time that Disney is exhausting, there’s only theme parks and nothing else to do.

Then there are the other people who love Disney for all their hidden gems and features. There is so much to find and explore all the time and it’s so relaxing to just do that without even visiting a park.

Have you ever resort hopped?

Have you ever went to the Boardwalk and just walked around then got a slice of pizza and a scoop of ice cream, sat at a table overlooking BeachClub or sat under a shady tree in the Boardwalk courtyard?

Have you ever gone to Disney Springs, walked over the bridge to Saratoga Springs and walked the lake taking in the beautiful views of Disney Springs and then taking a boat back?

How about visiting Polynesian, getting a dole whip and enjoying it while taking a boat to Grand Floridian (soon we’ll be able to walk) and taking in the beautiful scenery of the resort, then walking over to Magic Kingdom while watching the hustle and bustle of all the people.

Going to Disney doesn’t have to mean that you only visit the parks. There’s so much beauty in Disney Worlds property at a whole that there’s always something new to see! Have you done a lazy day of resort hopping or just walking around? Tell me about it below!

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