Disney on downlow

People say to me all the time that Disney is exhausting, there’s only theme parks and nothing else to do. Then there are the other people who love Disney for all their hidden gems and features. There is so much to find and explore all the time and it’s so relaxing to just do thatContinue reading “Disney on downlow”

Why Visit HGV Downtown Chicago?

Have you been wondering about Hilton Grand Vacation in Downtown Chicago with your family? We recently visited and let me tell you what we loved about it! LOCATION!!!! Wow! Rooms – Spacious! It has everything you need for your stay. Small fridge, microwave, sink, small counter, large dining table which seats 4, everything to haveContinue reading “Why Visit HGV Downtown Chicago?”

UPDATE: Why Should You Stay at HGV Tuscany Village?

UPDATE: When I said that we couldn’t wait to visit HGV Tuscany Village again, I wasn’t joking. We came back this June and stayed a week. It wasn’t long enough. We had another amazing time here! Our stay overlapped on our middle daughters birthday and the activity staff here really made her birthday feel special.Continue reading “UPDATE: Why Should You Stay at HGV Tuscany Village?”

Why Should You Stay At Hyatt Residence Club in Bonita Springs?

We stayed at Hyatt’s Residence Club in Bonita Springs in March of 2021. In case you don’t know, Bonita Springs is close to Naples, FL. The location is absolutely amazing! Being close to shopping, tons of beaches, and so many activities! While HRC in Bonita Springs doesn’t have a beach, they truly make up forContinue reading “Why Should You Stay At Hyatt Residence Club in Bonita Springs?”

Why Should You Stay at Marriott’s Oceana Palms?

Haven’t stayed at Marriott’s Oceana Palms on Singer Island in Palm Beach, Florida yet? I’m going to tell you why you should definitely take a trip there! Beautiful beach that you can walk for miles!! Sunrises and sunsets! Seating at the pools! The seating is so diverse. There are small gathering areas with sofas andContinue reading “Why Should You Stay at Marriott’s Oceana Palms?”

Why Should You Stay at Marriott’s Harbour Lake?

Why should you stay at Marriott’s Harbour Lake in Orlando, Florida? Well, we stayed here for a week and there was a lot we liked and some we didn’t. Marriott’s Harbour Lake was the 3rd resort we were staying at during our post covid vacation. When we arrived, we were blown away by the beautifulContinue reading “Why Should You Stay at Marriott’s Harbour Lake?”

Our Stay at Disney’s Beach Club

Our first stay at Disney’s Beach Club was like no other stay we’ve had at Disney before. I’ll start with the review of the resort and room. The room was Uhh-mazing! I loved everything about it. We stayed in a dedicated 2 bedroom and the girls were thrilled to sleep in separate beds…even though theContinue reading “Our Stay at Disney’s Beach Club”

Our Stay at Marriott’s Cypress Harbour

We just had a phenomenal stay at Marriott’s Cypress Harbour in Orlando, FL! This resort is IDEAL for families. While staying here, you can certainly go to any Orlando theme parks you’re interested in as they are all within 20 minutes of the resort. However, due to Covid, we decided that for this year weContinue reading “Our Stay at Marriott’s Cypress Harbour”

Why We Travel Timeshare

The great thing about traveling using timeshares is that while you’re typically going for 1 week or more, you can pack on the lighter side because there are usually laundry facilities inside your room! We always travel with our kids and having a washer and dryer in our room is a huge game changer! IContinue reading “Why We Travel Timeshare”