Why should you consider Hyatt Residence Club?

Did you know Hyatt has a timeshare branch?? Neither did we! Hyatt Residence Club has 16 boutique style resorts which are all based in the United States. As you know, Hyatt is well known for its luxury hotels and resorts and it certainly passes it on to their Residence Club.

Hyatt has 2 programs. Their points program and their deeded week program which is much more favored by the owners. You are deeded a specific week and that reservation is guaranteed to you for that week if you choose to use it. If you do not, your week is assigned a certain amount of points that you can use to exchange into any of their 16 resorts.

The world really does open up when you deposit your week into II (Interval International – Exchange Company like RCI). Hyatt weeks have an extremely high trading power. It can get you into some of the other luxurious brands such as Marriott, Westin, Sheraton and so on. Each week also belongs to a certain season that has a specific points value. So for example, your bronze week is 1,300 points and your diamond week is 2,200 points. When you deposit your week into II, all you need is 1,300 points to get a 2-bedroom at another resort. So if you have a diamond week, you could stretch your 2,200 points into almost 2 weeks OR stay at a smaller room and stay those 2 full weeks…for the cost of 1 week maintenance fee.

What we do, is we take 2 years worth of points, and instead of staying somewhere for only 2 weeks, we can stretch our stay to over 3 weeks. That’s in a 2-bedroom. If the resort and availability to a resort we’re exchanging into has the option for a 1 bedroom, we could stay 5 weeks. Remember, this is 2 years worth of points. So, there are a lot of ways to stretch and maneuver to be able to stay for a longer period of time while still paying the same maintenance fee.

One final thought and there are not a lot of details about it yet… Since HRC is now owned by Marriott…Marriott just acquired Welk Resorts specifically FOR HRC. That will create a much bigger portfolio of resorts. What we don’t know yet is if deeded weeks will be able to participate OR only point owners. Stay tuned…

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