Why We Travel Timeshare

The great thing about traveling using timeshares is that while you’re typically going for 1 week or more, you can pack on the lighter side because there are usually laundry facilities inside your room! We always travel with our kids and having a washer and dryer in our room is a huge game changer! I no longer worry about running out of clothes because I know we can always just “throw it in the wash” when we get back to the room.

When the girls were smaller, they wouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t homemade! It was tough to say the least when we went on vacation. Having a full size or even a kitchenette was great for us! Being able to eat breakfast in the room, pack a lunch or come back for it and having the option to make dinner is awesome. The kitchens always come with everything you’ll need to prepare your meals minus the food of course. Dishwashers is also a common amenety in timeshare rooms.

Our other faveorite thing is that we can spread out! I don’t know about you, by Vadim and I also like a vacation and to not be all squished up in a hotel room is a great bonus! We don’t have a bedtime and don’t have to whisper the rest of the night. The girls go to sleep in the living room if we have a 1 bedroom or in their own room in a 2 bedroom and we get to enjoy each others company.

When we visited Marriotts OceanWatch in Myrtle Beach during the summer of 2019, we had a 2 bedroom for 1 week. Because our room was so big, we were able to take Vadim’s parents with us and there was still plenty of room! The space, functionallity and flexability you get with a timeshare is unlike anything else. Being able to take extra family along, gives you a huge oppertunity to create ever lasting memories!!

Once we got a taste of staying in such large and luxurious rooms, it’s very hard to even go back to a hotel room. While most people will tell you that timeshares are “not worth it” or “to expensive”, the cash price for that same room is at the very least 50% more than what you’re paying in your maintenance fee every year. It’s just a savvy way of travelling in luxury while also staying well within your budget!

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