Our Stay at Marriott’s Cypress Harbour

We just had a phenomenal stay at Marriott’s Cypress Harbour in Orlando, FL! This resort is IDEAL for families. While staying here, you can certainly go to any Orlando theme parks you’re interested in as they are all within 20 minutes of the resort. However, due to Covid, we decided that for this year we would not go to any theme parks. Our stay was for 7 days and not one day were we lacking activities. Due to Covid, the activity center was closed BUT the staff here has definitely made up for it. Listed below, are the activities available. (There are also activities that you can pay for that change throughout the month – check their calendar.)

  • 2 basketball courts
  • Volleyball court
  • Tennis Court
  • Giant Chess Board
  • Giant Checkers Board
  • Pickle-ball court
  • Horseshoe court
  • Pingpong table
  • Pool table
  • Shuffleboard
  • Corn Hole
  • Surrey’s
  • Soccer field
  • Fishing poles and supplies
  • To many to list water activities!

What’s also amazing about these offerings is that everything is constantly being sanitized by the staff after each family is finished using something. There are a lot of playgrounds located throughout the resort and they are being sanitized throughout the day as well!

This resort has 2 main pools and a smaller 3rd one which is more on the side of quiet. The small pool is located next to the Boathouse. The 2 main pools are close together near the main lobby/clubhouse.

What’s also amazing is the views of the lake. Our littlest one at 14 months, woke up on our first morning and when she looked outside and saw the lake and fountains she just said “wooooooooooooowwwww!”

Let’s talk FOOD! The resort has a Pool Bar called Pavilion Bar onsite. It has great options and the food is extremely fresh! My kids loved their cheeseburgers, the baby ate all of the chicken from my salad and the salads are great! Sometimes pool bars are mediocre. Not this one! It was delicious! The bar has smoothies and the kids loved them! I got a mango mojito which completely knocked me out and I highly recommend it! Other than that, we ordered groceries through instacart and cooked the rest of the time. There are grills located throughout the resort in main areas but then also, there is a grill and picnic table located in-between every building which makes grilling SUPER convenient! Side note: I was out for an early walk on one of the mornings and saw staff cleaning the grill to our building. He spent a very long time cleaning and sanitizing it. When Vadim went to grill our steaks, he was pleasantly surprised and wasn’t grossed out about the public grill and could begin cooking right away.

Sanitation! I’ll start by saying “WOW!” Marriott has really knocked it out of the park with this one. We felt so safe while staying here. There are hand sanitizing stations everywhere. There are people cleaning everything from pool chairs to tables to activity supplies to elevator buttons and railings throughout the resort all day long. They have tags on each chair and lounger that lets you know if something has been sanitized or needs to be. The care that they take to make sure each villa is sanitized and cleaned is just amazing.

Security! We had a little scare where someone mistook our room for theirs and it jolted us late at night. Security did a great job on checking everything out and following up. They are also patrolling the resort all day and night.

The staff was all extremely kind, courteous, thoughtful and went out of their way to help with anything that was ever asked of them. They are really friendly and just so nice!

All in all, we loved our stay and would highly recommend this resort to any one looking to stay in the Orlando area. It’s been so much fun and we can’t wait to visit again!

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