Why Should You Stay at Marriott’s Oceana Palms?

Haven’t stayed at Marriott’s Oceana Palms on Singer Island in Palm Beach, Florida yet? I’m going to tell you why you should definitely take a trip there!

  1. Beautiful beach that you can walk for miles!!
  2. Sunrises and sunsets!
  3. Seating at the pools! The seating is so diverse. There are small gathering areas with sofas and oversized chairs, large cabanas, lounge chairs and an owners lounge!
  4. FREE loungers on the beach! Yes, you have to pay a fee for an umbrella or cabana in the sand, but you could always bring your own and perch it over your FREE loungers!
  5. Immaculate spacious villas! You don’t have to be cramped inside of a hotel room but you can spread out in a large 2 bedroom villa! We had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and large balcony!
  6. Activities on property! All the sports activities are on a small scale but great! Basketball, soccer, table games, and an activity center! (Closed due to Covid)
  7. HUGE gym! The gym was very large, lots of amazing equipment, large shower area with lockers and sauna (wet and dry)!
  8. Onsite restaurant! Sometimes a resort doesn’t have great food options onsite, Oceana Palms restaurant/bar was wonderful! We enjoyed everything we tried and their drinks were on point!
  9. Grills! There are great well shaded grilling areas! One of the areas even has a sink for quick clean ups. The grills are maintained on a daily basis and are spotless!
  10. Location! While you do need a car if you’re planning on going off site, there is a lot around within a few miles that are fun to do!
  11. Lap pool! While you might feel that the pool area is on the smaller side, it never felt crowded for us. They also have a designated area with 2 lanes to swim laps.

We loved our stay and cannot wait to go back!

Let me know if you’ve been here and if there is anything I’ve missed that didn’t make it on the list that should have in the comments section below!

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